About Us

Merriam Creations LLC is a digital media company operating websites and social media platforms for multiple brands. We utilize In-House Content Creators and AI Generated Content to provide entertainment and resourceful information.

The company was started by asking “What do we love, what are we good at, and what can we help people with?”

Our brands provide entertainment and resources based on our creators personal backgrounds, experience, and knowledge . This keeps our content relevant and informative. Our content is always positive.

Our AI Content focuses on current events and highly searched topics.. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide entertainment, promote social engagement, facilitate new experiences, and provide community assistance by connecting people in a positive manner. We encourage community involvement and provide resources for causes important to us like mental health awareness and suicide prevention. 

Our Brands

Our brands cover an extensive range of topics. Each brand was selected because we had experience, knowledge, or vast personal interest in that topic. This makes our content more relative and encourages user engagement.

Experience the passion and the excitement of gameday on a college football campus. Checkout the tailgating, the crowds, and all the traditions that make college football so great. Hear what 100,000 people singing "Mr. Brightside" sounds like, or watch 80,000 fans "Jump Around" in Wisconsin.

Checkout the pre-game festivities on campus or the tailgating food and games. Learn some of the old and new traditions in college football.

  • https://www.CollegeFootballExperience.com

  • Instagram: @collegefootball.experience

  • "X"/ Twitter: @CFB_Experience

  • YouTube Channel: College Football Experience

College Football Experience

Local and insider tips to ensure your Florida vacation is your best vacation ever. We share photos and videos to illustrate what the attractions and venues really look like, and how much fun they are. We provide tips to maximize your time and fun, and tell you about some hidden gems and local favorites you might not know about.

  • Website: https://www.floridavacationtips.net

  • Instagram: @FloridaVacationTips

  • "X"/ Twitter: @FLVacationTips

  • YouTube Channel: Florida Vacation Tips

  • TikTok: Florida Vacation Tips

Florida Vacation Tips.Net

Our motivational site and channel reminds you that you rock and you are wonderful. We share inspirational memes because everyone could use a helping hand, or a kind word at sometime. Our contributors share personal hardships and real life experiences with hope to relate to anyone going through a tough time. We also provide resources for people to get help if needed

  • Website: https://www.U-Rock.Net

  • Instagram: @U-Rock.Net

  • "X"/ Twitter: @U-Rock.Net

  • YouTube Channel: U-Rock.Net

  • TikTok: U-Rock.Net


Top 12 Lists...Because why stop at just 10? This site and channel posts fun lists and videos of Top 12 "Anythings." User friendly, high engagement site and social media channels where you can find a Top 12 List for anything from The Best Sing Along Songs to the Best Jedi Fights

  • Website: https://www.top12lists.com

  • Instagram: @Top12Lists

  • "X"/ Twitter: @Top12Lists

  • YouTube Channel: Top 12 Lists

  • TikTok: Top 12 Lists


Our team has decades of experience in the transportation industry so it was natural to put together a site to help truck drivers and fleet operators. These men and women work hard and we want to provide them with the latest DOT regulations, safety information, real feedback on vehicle features, and job opportunities

  • Website: https://www.truckinghelp.org

  • Instagram: @truckinghelp

  • "X"/ Twitter: @truckinghelp


Our sports podcast partner. Tune in for the latest in sports coverage and breaking news. Their unique spin on sports talk and no biased discussion provides a refreshing outlook on sports

  • https://www.blackboardsports.com

  • Instagram: @blackboardsport

  • "X"/ Twitter: @SportBlackboard

  • YouTube Channel: Blackboard Sports

Blackboard Sports

Our online custom design shop and print shop. We specialize in family, vacation, and holiday custom items. We produce 3-D printer made products, and coordinate drop ship partner sites with large online retail sites. We have collaborated with various brands and influencers to create unique content and merchandise.

  • https://www.yourdesignstudio.com

  • YouTube Channel: Your Design Studio

Your Design Studio

Future Plans

We are constantly looking for new opportunities and ideas to expand our reach and create innovative content. Our future plans include launching new websites, exploring new partnerships, and expanding our product offerings including: AI Services, Freelance Copywriting, and interactive sites

Our exciting group of AI Generated Content will work closely with Your Design Studio and our social media channels for popular content

person using smartphone and laptop at the same time
person using smartphone and laptop at the same time

Hot Tub AI Machine

AI Services

  • Health/Wellness Channel

  • theamazingpyramids.net

  • theinconvenienttruth.net

  • Talking food, fashion, football, finance, and life in Florida

Future Brands/ Channels

Rhonalie and Me

Future Channels